Whatever concerns you have about your pet we will give you a caring consultation, either at the clinic or in your home. If you are calling us for the first time, we are happy to speak over the phone and answer simple questions to build an understanding of the issue and help you prepare for your upcoming visit with us, which is always the first step towards managing your pets’ care. We know how important it is for you to know what necessary steps you will need to take regarding your pets’ care and we want to take the time to make sure you understand what those steps are.


After a thorough consultation with your veterinarian or a team member regarding a medical issue regarding your pet, a comprehensive physical exam is then performed on your pet – this is the most important first diagnostic test used to evaluate your pet. We believe a thorough exam performed by a licensed veterinarian to check your pet’s well-being is only the beginning of the process. At Belmont Animal Hospital, we also put great pride into providing our patients’ owners with a simple yet thorough breakdown of what we find during the exam while it is being performed. We then thoroughly discuss the exam findings with you so that you fully understand what is going on before discussing each pet’s comprehensive and customized patient care and medical plan.


Long term health is more than just dealing with each issue as it comes; it’s about taking steps to make sure your pet can live the happiest, fullest life possible. The best kind of medicine is the one that stops problems before they happen.

At Belmont Animal Hospital, preventive care forms the core of our philosophy to be every pet’s advocate. We believe that in order to be your pet’s advocate, we should strive to keep our pets as healthy as proactively possible and try to detect problems early before your pet feels any discomfort or suffering. We know it is not always possible to prevent suffering or a disease onset, but hopefully we can be better prepared from when or if this should happen.


At Belmont Animal Hospital, we believe in both customized and comprehensive patient care. At every stage of a pet’s life, there should be comprehensive patient care tailored to each stage. No longer do we look at every pet the same regardless of age. A geriatric pet cannot be treated the same as an 8 week old puppy or kitten, even if it is largely healthy. In years past, pets were only brought in to be examined for their Rabies vaccine which used to be annually so every pet was seen once yearly. In this day and age, pets are no longer brought in to the veterinary clinic just for their yearly vaccines – they are brought to the clinic for comprehensive preventive care to ensure a pet is in optimal health which owners now more commonly understand is not ensured by just an “up to date Rabies vaccination”.

Throughout your pets’ lives, we will keep detailed records of their medical history so we always have a full picture. These details are securely stored on the Cloud so they can be easily and dependably accessed, and even transferred to a specialist if necessary with a click of a button. No more cumbersome transferring or faxing of paper records which can often become disorganized.


Whatever your pet eats, their teeth are not indestructible. Also, your pet’s mouth can harbor silent problems that may affect the surrounding tissues, and not just the teeth. No matter what it may seem when your pet enjoys a treat, your pet needs help to maintain good oral health. At Belmont Animal Hospital, we care about your pet’s entire mouth and will help you set the foundation at home with a daily oral hygiene regimen. We would be happy to teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. Then, at the clinic, we have a range of dental services that will keep teeth stronger for longer and help us keep an eye on the rest of your pet’s mouth to make sure all the other surrounding tissues are healthy too. We are big proponents of proactive dental healthcare and love to help our clients stay actively involved in maintaining good oral health of their pets.


We provide standard of care professional dental therapy including full mouth x-rays on all of our patients.  We only have two levels of dental therapy because we understand how complicated anything more than that can be for a pet owner to understand.  Please contact a member of our staff to learn more about what Belmont Animal Hospital offers for professional dental care.


As indicated in the section regarding comprehensive senior pet care, long-term, chronic illnesses often arise later in life but such illnesses can also unfortunately present themselves even in a young pet. With our help, many of these can be appropriately managed so that your pet can remain as healthy as proactively possible. We make sure you understand any conditions your pet may have and are clear on what needs to be done for your pet to treat them.

Many, if not all, conditions require follow-up care, such as chronic illnesses, many skin conditions, and even acute injuries. At Belmont Animal Hospital, we emphasize follow-up care and do not leave it up to you to decide when you need to bring your pet in next. It’s difficult enough sometimes to understand what your pet is going through, let alone for you to know what steps needs to be taken next for your pet and when. We make sure that you know when your pet’s next appointment is before you leave the clinic. We also remind you when your appointments are. At Belmont Animal Hospital, we want to make sure you leave with a clear picture of your pet’s health and what to expect in the upcoming months.


At Belmont Animal Hospital, we are able to perform ultrasound-guided treatments and abdominal ultrasounds for our patients on site.   We are happy to now be able to provide this service for our patients in-hospital.




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