Dental Care

Let's talk about your pet's dental health...

Remember to make teeth brushing a daily priority for you and your pet!
Most importantly, make it fun and routine. 

Not sure where to start?  We can help.  Contact us to schedule a dental consult.  Not a client of ours? No problem.  

Whatever your pet eats, their teeth are not indestructible. Also, your pet’s mouth can harbor silent problems that may affect the surrounding tissues, and not just the teeth. No matter what it may seem when your pet enjoys a treat, your pet needs help to maintain good oral health.

At Belmont Animal Hospital, we care about your pet’s entire mouth and will help you set the foundation at home with a daily oral hygiene regimen.

We would be happy to teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. Then, at the clinic, we have a range of dental services that will keep teeth stronger for longer and help us keep an eye on the rest of your pet’s mouth to make sure all the other surrounding tissues are healthy too.

We are big proponents of proactive dental healthcare and love to help our clients stay actively involved in maintaining good oral health of their pets.

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